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modern tiny house


Lead time

The magic box is currently fulfilling orders within 60-90 days. Sometime we have a few units in inventory, they can be shipped within 7 days. 


Who install the house?

The set up is really easy! All you need is to level the house and expand it with the hand cranker. The magic box is available for giving out instructions. 

modern tiny house installation
modern tiny house


How finished is the magic box?

Pretty move-in ready! Although it does not come with furniture, it does come with the cabinets, appliances, bathroom, electric, flooring, and windows. As long as you have your utility and plumbing lines ready, all you need now is furniture and decorations!


What about utilities? Does it comes with hook up?

Yes, it comes with standard RV utility hook ups or regular PVC hook ups. All electricity and plumbing are pre-built. 

You are responsible to bring utilities to magic box.

We are not involved in the process of bringing utilities to it, though we do provide all of the electrical and plumbing components you will need to plug in. 

modern tiny house
Air Conditioner in tiny house


What about heating and Air-Conditioning?

Each Magic Box comes with an energy-efficient mini-split for heating and air conditioning.


Do I need a permit?

In most areas, permits are necessary. Please click the following link for assistance with those questions through, or your local city jurisdiction as every area is going to have different regulations and allowances.

tiny house permit
Installing Solar Panels


Can I add solar? extra cost?

Yes, we work with Renogy to provide solar option. 

10KWH solar kit for extra $6000

15KWH solar kit for extra $7000.


Can I have composing toilet 

Yes, we work with Nature's head to provide composing toilet at additional $1500. 

composing toilet in tiny house


What kind of foundation do I need

We recommend you prepare a foundation and bring utilities to it so they can plug in once the Magic box house arrives. The type of foundation will be based upon the terrain and ground that you are placing the house on. This is best determined by a general contractor or civil engineer. (Someone who is familiar with the land conditions of your location). There is a simple foundation, to have a few concrete blocks on top of condensed patio paver base. (Please see the video)

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