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Less effort, more life.
Free to live.
Freedom. Sustainable. Future

The Revolution of Housing Industry to Provide Alternative Housing Options

Price starting from $29,800

Endless potentials! Rental Property, Guest House, Home Office, Art Studio, Retreat or Meditation Space, Off-Grid Living, Extra Storage, Granny or In-law Suite. From 140 sqft to +∞ because our units can be  stacked and connected. 

Rental Investment Case

Affordable, high demand, low operating costs, and potential for higher rental yields make tiny houses a smart investment.

Need Financing?

We've teamed up with Acorn to provide financing solutions for those in need of assistance purchasing a magix box home. Now, owning your dream home is more accessible than ever before. Don't miss out on this opportunity – let us help you make your tiny home dreams a reality!

Pathway to Homeownership:
A Three-Step Guide to Purchasing Your Dream House
tiny house village

View & Pick

Simply pick your future house from our product catalogue.

modern tiny house
tiny house deliver

Ship & Place

Chose the place for your future home. We ship it anywhere in the world.

tiny house deliver
modern tiny house

Unbox & Live

Your magic box house comes fully furnished. 

Unpack, plug in and live.

modern tiny house


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